Service to our Customers

Our goal is to consistently, honestly, and thoughtfully do our best to give you what you need. We do this by . . .

  • Listening to you carefully – every person is different, every project is different
  • Not overselling or pressuring you – telling the truth, earning your trust
  • Making your project affordable
    • Quoting very competitive prices and choices
    • Offering payment plans and financing options
    • Helping with insurance or product defect claims on your current roof
  • Adapting to your scheduling and financial priorities
  • Doing high quality work – no shortcuts, no excuses
  • Recommending and using only quality products and materials
  • Standing behind our work – prompt response to any customer concern


Service to our World

We recognize that the world is full of people with needs greater than their resources, often because of factors beyond their control. While we believe that only the expected return of our King, Jesus Christ, will set the world right, we seek now to help where we can out of the blessings we have been given.

Opportunities and organizations we recommend are . . .